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Uncategorized November 3, 2014

Horse Riders Be Seen & Be Safe

Did you know that by wearing fluorescent/reflective clothing when you ride out, you can give drivers up to three seconds more time to see you? Three seconds in which to take avoiding action. Three seconds that could make the difference whether they avoid you, or hit you. To put it into context –three seconds is the time that it would take them to travel, at 30 mph, the length of a standard size dressage arena. Now that is quite a distance when you think about it!

Have a look at the below picture…

How long did it take you to notice the horse on the right?

Don’t be in the dark this winter…

Many horse owners work full-time in order to be able to afford to keep their animals. They have little option but to exercise their horses either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. When days become short this means exercising in half-light. If they wear dark clothing and are on a dark horse, then they are courting disaster – please don’t let this happen to you.


Gloucestershire Police have already received calls from concerned members of the public in relation to horse riders hacking out in dark clothing along country roads.

As a fellow horse rider, please wear some form of Hi-Viz.


Pc 695 Melanie Campbell

Horsewatch Co-ordinator

Gloucstershire Constabulary

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Plaits found in horses mane’s or tail’s

Uncategorized October 22, 2014

Dear All,

Occasionally Gloucestershire police receive reports of horse owners finding their horses’ manes or tails have been cut or plaits woven into their manes.

Some people consider this to be a marker for theft; however this has never been substantiated.

The belief that the cutting of hair or insertions of plaits are a marker for the theft of the horse is the reason that causes the most concern for horse owners.

If the marking is a sign for possible theft then it is reasonable to believe that we would have an increase in horse thefts because horses whose markers were

not discovered would have been stolen and we would have seen a surge of numbers taken. However this is not the case.

This does not mean horse owners should drop their guard. They should always remain vigilant and continue to report any unusual activity concerning their horse.

The usual advice is to report the matter to the police and your local Horsewatch / Ruralwatch officers.

It would be useful if owners took photographs of the cut hair (or plaits) with the horse in full profile showing its mane or tail when it is discovered.

Just a reminder that Stow Fair is this week!



Pc 695 Mel Campbell

Horsewatch Co-ordinator

Gloucestershire Constabulary

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